Redlining and Home Ownership

Drawn out map with neighborhoods

I want you to imagine where you live. Do you live in a house, an apartment, or a studio? How many people live with you? Are there enough rooms for them? Do multiple generations live in your home? Did you buy your home, or are you renting? Do you have a front yard, a backyard, […]

Examining Climate Change

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Examining Climate Change as a Social Determinant of Health and Strategies to Address It An article published in 2020, “Climate Change as a Social Determinant of Health” by Maya I. Ragavan, MD, MPH, MS; Lucy E. Marcil, MD, MPH; and Arvin Garg, MD, MPH, highlights the urgent and critical need to define climate change as […]

Child Health Equity Community Summit

The Child Health Equity Center is hosting the first annual Child Health Equity Community Summit from May 25–26, 2022. The summit is an in-person event. Its purpose is to address the root causes of health inequities and bring together child health equity stakeholders from throughout the region to discuss the threats to child health in […]

Racial Disparities in Human Milk Consumption Among Very Low Birth Weight Infants

Meg Parker, MD, MPH, Child Health Equity Center Core Faculty, and colleagues recently published findings from a study of nearly 350,000 very low birth weight (VLBW) infants that revealed an 8% increase in provision of human milk at hospital discharge over the 10-year study period; however, gains were smaller and disparities widened among non-Hispanic Black […]